Ana De Costa Video

A recent video piece with Ana De Costa - an award-winning jewellery designer in Hatten Gardens. Thanks to Ben for all the help and the edit. 

A window into the world of fine jewellery design and creation from award winning jewellery designer, Ana de Costa. This video shares Ana's process of the conception of a collection all the way through to its creation into the final jewel and is a truly insightful journey into a world which is often very closed. A film by

Severn Bore Surfers

I started a personal project following the Severn Bore surfers in the summer. Its always a fairly hectic couple of hours as you have the chance to overtake the bore a few times if you are quick enough to get back to a car. To be continued next year

Escape Plan

This was a commission to create a library of photographs to accompany a TV ad for Celtic Manors #Escapeplan. Just to confirm the Still photographs in this blog post are mine. The Video was made by Wordley Productions

48 Hours in Wales

A few years ago I had a fantastic commission. To photograph real people on holiday in Wales for a stopmotion piece to look like user generated content (see end of post). I have spent years working in Wales and know it well so this was an amazing few days. 


Principality Building Society

Back in 2015 I was commissioned by Mr B and Friends to capture an archive of authentic lifestyle images for use on a variety of media. They ended up being on: 48 and 6 Sheet Billboards, in store literature and their website amoungst other places. This was a big shoot as it was over 3 days with many Location Houses and a big team of Art Directors, Designers, Producers, Model Families, real people from the Principality HQ, MUA and Stylists. 3 Very long and productive days but I am thrilled with the results. We have just completed another 3 days last month to update their imagery. I cant wait to see it in use and blog the new images after release. 


Here is a more extensive edit of the images.

Steller Story Books

I have been spending my spare time glued to my phone making small story books from commissions and personal projects with the awesome app Steller. Some of which have been featured by on the homepage and have had a bit of attention. My most recent is 48 hours in Wales. A commission from a few years ago


The rest of my stories are here