2017 Review April


April was a super busy month with too many good shoots to choose from and I couldn't narrow them down!

The first was for The Mall at Cribbs Causeway through McCanns and True Digital

Cherry Bloosom Bumble Bees for Waitrose to accompany the Tv Ad working with the Adam and Eve crew.

A visit to Alex Monroe for Brightpearl

A some work with English Heritage in Tintagel Castle and King Arthturs Cave. I love shooting back in Devon and Cornwall and know Tintagel has the best Pasties in the world (in my opinion) Pengenna Pasties.

2017 Review May


I had a lovely bit of work with Walnut Magazine at Riverford Farm in May. I grew up a few miles from Riverford Farm so know it well having had many friends work there and am used to it being a household name before its success nationwide with the veg box services.

May also saw the start of a long term personal project following Severn Bore Surfers. An interesting and quirky rural community around Gloucester who follow the tides and surf the River Severn Bore several times a year. 

We went wing walking with Boundless Magazine at a small airfield in the Cotswolds.

We visited some steam engine workshops on another commission for Boundless Mag. I need to go back here in 2018 with more time and a lighting kit!!

2017 Review June


June started off with a nice interiors job of a treehouse made on one of the cranes at the Waterside in Bristol put on with Canopy and Stars, Waitrose (Hampers and Food) and B and Q (Greenery in order to attract Bees).

I started working with Flourish and headed to their offices to get some office reportage

More Waitrose Producers. This was a very long day given I wanted to shoot at dawn and dusk. Over 18 hours from memory (leaving house to returning home). Its worth it though, as I love shooting food producers and felt mid day sun wouldn't suit either of these producers. The Chicken farm was huge and had all sorts of animals there, the Alpaca's are to keep the Chickens safe, which they do a good job of as I always had to watch my back! The Chickens have acres of fields to play around in so were very inqusitive. 

2017 Review July

July 2017

July started of working at Goodwood Festival of Speed for Rolls Royce, covering their Black Badge stand and the one off Sweptail, estimated to be the most expensive new car ever made at 13 million USD!

I spent the day with TV journalist and presenter Sean Fletcher for Countryfile walking around the Gower. My wife is from Pembrey near the Gower so I know it well and thought I knew all the best spots however I was very wrong. Sean's wife is also from the Gower so we got on well and he knew alot of lesser known beautiful spots on the Gower I had never thought to visit. 

Hartham Park looks is a Georgan Manor House in Wiltshire which has been renovated into a quirky interesting workspaces for innovative companies. It also has an old Sticke Tennis Court which looks alot more fun than the conventional tennis we all know. It was mostly and architecture job on a very sunny summers day. This was mostly an interiors job which had a fantastic juxtaposition of old and new.

I also got to sit in the cockpit of a Concorde for a commission from Boundless. We managed to get access into the new Aerospace Museum before it opened to shoot a feature. Its mind boggling how it went that fast and broke so many records with what now looks like such dated technology. Its an amazing place to see and would highly recommend it to anyone in Bristol.

2017 Review August


Alot of August was taken up with another big shoot for Cletic Manor. Along with Kiran Ridley we took on all the pre production, casting, props  and sourcing MUA and stylists for a 3 day lifestyle shoot. 

I also did some work the The Litton Pub and Boutique Hotel near Wells. They had wine tasting and live music events on amoungst other things. 

Apple Producers for Waitrose